Broken sticks and metal rods: Priesthood ordinances bind Weak Me to Strong God

broken straw“This stick represents each of us,” said Chris, the bishopric member teaching about priesthood ordinances. “Who here can break this stick?” A gleeful Sunbeam happily obliged without much effort.

“This metal rod represents God. Who here can break this rod?” The strongest child on the back row couldn’t even bend it, despite a heroic effort involving a knee in the middle of the rod, and an attempt to bend it using the pulpit as leverage, both of which Chris stopped quickly.

rod“Now watch while I take a fresh, unbroken stick and use this blue painter’s tape to bind this stick, representing me, to this superstrong rod, representing God. Personally, I need a lot of tape,” he added.  “Now who can bend this stick?”

“That stick is just as strong as God now,” observed a girl twirling her pigtails.

“That’s right,” Chris agreed. “With priesthood ordinances, I can be bound to God, and then nothing can break me. I’m grateful for priesthood ordinances like baptism, temple sealing, and blessing of the sick, that strengthen me and my family.”



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