Activities for Primary Teachers and Leaders: Avoiding Isolation

The second week we attended our new family ward after returning from our Honeymoon, my husband and I were called into the Bishop’s office and extended a calling to team teach the Sunbeams.  I’ll admit we weren’t thrilled.  My husband was very concerned that he wouldn’t learn anything new and challenging, and I was concerned we wouldn’t make any friends or get to know anyone.  Well, luckily both of us were wrong.  Thanks to a wonderful Primary Presidency we were given a chance to offer some meaningful service while still feeling fellowshipped in a new ward.

Primary can be a love/hate relationship.  I know I shouldn’t say it but I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels that way. There is so much potential to do good in Primary but it can be super challenging and often may feel like you are just hitting your head against a wall week after week.  I’ll have to share some of our challenges and successes with this particular Sunbeam class sometime but for now I want to highlight what the Primary Presidency did to help fellowship the Primary teachers and give us an opportunity to get to know each other socially.

The Primary Presidency planned a quarterly activity for all of the teachers and leaders.  These activities were scheduled at the beginning of the year and the dates were on the calendar so we had plenty of advance notice and time to look forward to each event.  In the summer we had a BBQ in the backyard of the Bishopric member’s house.  In the winter we met at the church and had hot chocolate and cookies and played board games.  This way we were able to have a conversation with the other Primary workers that we saw each week but never had much time to chat with because we were busy with our class of energetic 3 and 4 year olds.  After a couple of these activities we really felt like we were getting to know the other adults in Primary and we didn’t feel so isolated.  Every time I went to a Relief Society activity in this ward I was asked if I was new to the ward.  Even at the end of our first year in the ward I was getting this question and it was frustrating but I just responded cheerfully, “No, I teach the Sunbeams!”


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