Popcorn. Popping.


Photo: Nigel Cox

Guest author Tina is a homeschooling mother of four, aspiring “health nut,” and enthusiastic Primary worker. She writes:

In a day and age where popcorn is almost exclusively made in a noise-reducing and sight-restricting microwave, most children know what popcorn looks like but few very have ever seen it pop! One chorister remedied that deficiency in a memorable way during singing time one April morning. After discussing the beauty of spring time and the amazing power that nature has to renew its life each year, she spread a large blanket at the front of the room, placed an old-fashioned popcorn popper in the middle of it, filled it with a scoop of popcorn kernels, removed the lid, and plugged it in. She then had the Primary sing “Popcorn Popping” while they waited for the machine to work its magic. Just as they were ending the verse and starting again, the first white puff appeared, thrust from the popper by the force of its eruption and the steady stream of upward-moving hot air. As that first puff was followed by a multitude of its companions—a volcano of little white pieces of joy—the kids stared in amazement. In no time at all, the noise in the room became a blend of popping, singing, aaaahs, oooohs, and squeals of excitement. And none of those kids ever again had to wonder what “popcorn popping” really looks like!

(Note: The big blanket is key to making this little activity work! When the popcorn is all popped, simply shake it all to the center of the blanket, wrap it up like a little envelope, and take it to the dumpster for quick, thorough cleanup.)

~Tina, guest author


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