Set the Stage: Inviting the Spirit in Primary

During a recent training we asked Primary leaders to think about times they thought the children felt the Spirit in Primary or when they themselves felt the Spirit in Primary.  Below is an outline of ideas to help create an environment for inviting the Spirit in Primary:

  • Use the scriptures during Sharing Time, especially with Senior Primary. Children can read passages from the scriptures as they relate to the lesson being taught. Reading directly from God’s word helps invite the Spirit.

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  • Invite a member to pose as an investigator (the children know that they are only playing the role) and ask the children questions about the gospel and the church. The children can then answer the questions. This enables children to think about what they have learned at home and at church.
  • Share personal stories at the beginning and/or end of a lesson or Sharing Time.
  • While teaching,  identify the physical signs and emotional feelings that we may have when we feel the Spirit.
  • Assign a topic that the children can research at home during the week using their scriptures and then share their thoughts the following Sunday during Primary.



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