Classroom Management: One Simple Handout, One Teacher’s Experience

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This stuff works! You may have seen these posts:

Guest Author Jen H. writes: Several of our teachers were struggling with reverence in their classroom.  I typed up your classroom rules & the 10 ways you suggested reviewing them.  I shared them with the teachers, printed double-sided on cardstock. (Handout pdfs are here: class rules /review rules).
          One example is our fantastic CTR 7 teacher.  He is always prepared, excited to teach the class and actively looks for ways to get the children more interested and participate in the lessons.  He began using & reviewing the rules.
           He said that his class took on a whole different feeling! Before, he was trying to control the class and spent a lot of his energy reminding them to be quiet, to listen, to sit still.  Now he can simply review the class rules and spend that same energy focusing on inviting the Spirit.  He has said that it takes much less effort to do so and that the children have recognized a difference as well.

-Jen H



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