Leading by Example: Helping Children Recognize the Spirit Too!



During my Junior Primary sharing time lesson I told the children about an experience I had when I had felt the Spirit and the Savior’s love for me. A few years ago life was just not going the way I had planned. I would spend my drive home from work praying. It was almost more like a casual conversation with God, with me sharing my thoughts. I was really sad about some things and one particular day I was crying as I was praying. I can remember exactly where I was driving when I had this overwhelming feeling that my Heavenly Father loved me, and that even though life was not going as I planned, He was aware of me. I explained to the children that when I felt this feeling I knew it could only be from my Heavenly Father. I could not have made it up. I told them that it is such a wonderful feeling and something I hope they all experience one day.

One girl raised her hand. She shared that when she was giving the spiritual thought the week before in Primary she had felt that same feeling when she was done. I am not sure if she knew at the time that that feeling was the Spirit, or just remembered as I was talking. She had such a happiness and sweet spirit about her as she shared that with us. I thought it was so sweet and special for her to recognize that feeling and to share it with the rest of the Primary kids.

~Ashley, guest author
Today’s guest author Ashley has 2 toddlers and loves to travel with them when she is feeling brave. She has been in the Primary presidency for just a few months but loves working with the kids!

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