My Body is Created in the Image of God, February Sharing Time lesson supplement

exuberance47Week 3 of February 2014 Sharing Time has excellent suggestions about how to teach children about this aspect of the monthly theme, “Heavenly Father Has a Plan for His Children.” Consider these enrichment ideas as the Spirit directs and as time permits. You may also want to suggest these resources to parents to follow up on learnings in Primary.

* SUGGESTED FOR JUNIOR PRIMARY: Your body is a gift from Heavenly Father. You’ve lived in your body ever since you were born. You can use your body to run fast, climb a tree, ride a bike, or hug a friend.

Because your body is such a wonderful gift, and because your body can do such special things, you take good care of it. You eat healthy food, brush your teeth, wash your hands often, exercise, and get enough sleep. All these things help your body stay healthy and strong.

You also respect your body, which means you treat it like the sacred and special gift that it is. You use your body to do good things, always trying to obey Heavenly Father in all the choices you make.

Heavenly Father wants you to respect your body and other people’s bodies. One way to show that you respect your body is to dress modestly. (More at

* SUGGESTED FOR SENIOR PRIMARY: Do you have any babies in your life? Maybe a younger sister, a nephew, or a baby in your neighborhood? Being around babies makes you realize how much you’ve grown. It’s hard to imagine that you were ever that little. Now your body is bigger, stronger, and can do many more things. Your body will continue to grow until you’re an adult, without you even telling it to grow. Your body just grows.

Your body is a wonderful gift from Heavenly Father. He made everybody’s body just a little bit different. Some are tall, some are short. Some bodies have curly hair, some have straight hair, in many different colors. God made your body special, just for you. He gave you your body so you can learn how to use it well. He wants you to use your wonderful body to do good things, so you can come back to live with Him.

Take good care of your body by keeping it clean, eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. You’ll want to treat your body with respect, which means to treat it like the special gift that it is. Taking care of your body and treating it with respect shows Heavenly Father that you appreciate the wonderful body that He has given you.

One way to show that you respect your body is to dress modestly.  (More at


Becky talks about unexpected learnings here: Teaching Modesty in Sharing Time: Clothing as Advertising.

God bless you as you teach children these important truths to keep them safe in the last days.


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