Simplifying Opening Exercises for Secretaries and Families

Last week Marci shared a 3-step formula that could be helpful for children when they are preparing a Primary talk.  It’s a simple formula that’s easy to remember and gives children the chance to think about their topic in terms of 1) what God says, 2) what others say and 3) what the speaker feels about any topic. Additionally, it helps children to ponder their research and analyze their own feelings and thoughts.  These basic steps encourage children to dig into scripture and other revelations and gives them the opportunity to pray and feel the Spirit during their preparation.

Recently my daughter gave her first talk in Primary.  It was a simple assignment and I was amazed at what an impact a few short minutes of prayer and preparation could impact her (and me!).  It was a positive experience for all of us and I look forward to her next opportunity. {Read about her talk experience here}

Everyone’s lives are busy and I would hate to see someone pass up the opportunity to see their child grow and learn from preparing and delivering a talk in Primary.  So, to simplify things a little, we’ve created a one-page worksheet that Primary secretaries can use as a template to give to children/parents when they are assigned to give a talk in Primary. At the top of the document you’ll notice space for the child’s name, the date they’ve been asked to give the talk, and a space for the assigned topic.  Below that is a summary of Marci’s simple 3-step formula for preparing a talk and then lastly there is even space for the child (and/or parent depending on the child’s age) to write out their ideas.  Voila!  One sheet of paper from Secretary to family to podium (and possibly even to scrapbook as a memento!).

Download the PDF document here: Parent Letter for Preparing a Primary talk,



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