Orienting Children and Parents: Finding their Way in a New Year or a New Ward

Family walking to church together

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How do you help children and families figure out Primary, either in January when everything is different for everyone, or whenever new children move in? Guest author Jen H. shares her terrific idea:
We make up Parent Packets, consisting of:
  • A map of the portion of the ward building we use for classes.  We labeled which rooms were for Senior & Junior Nurseries and classes (see Sample Map doc or Sample Map pdf).
  • On the back of this, we listed the children by classes so parents would know which class their child had moved up to for the new year (see Class lists doc or Class lists pdf).  We printed these back-to-back, two on a page.  We also had them available in early January in the Relief Society room and Priesthood room for moms and dads to know where to pick their children up.
  • We included scripture and song memorization charts, copies of sheet music for the new song, and a CD of all the songs for the year,
  • We included a letter to each Primary family (see Family Letter doc or Family Letter pdf).  The letter included details of where to find children, names of new teachers, the time schedule of our Primary meetings and additional information.  This seemed especially helpful for our new Sunbeam families.  These were copied two on a page and included in the front of our Parent Packet.
  • Finally, we included a Family Spotlight doc or Family Spotlight pdf sheet. As we focus on families this year, we thought it would be fun to learn more about the families in our Primary.  We gave the blank form to each family, including the teachers & music leaders who do not have children in Primary.  We do the Family Spotlight the 3rd & 4th Sundays of the month (the 1st is for birthdays and the 2nd is for our Bishopric message). Those weeks we pick one family to get to know (if they have children in both Senior & Junior Primary), or two families (one each for Senior and Junior Primary).

Helping parents feel connected to Primary is so important.  When these types of details are organized and decided on, it’s easier to focus on the children and their individual needs.

~Jen H.

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