“Faith In God” 101

Faith in God for girls coverWhen I was called to be Primary President a few years ago, I knew instantly that there was a lot of learning that needed to take place if I wanted to fulfill my calling. Therefore, I immediately started to research everything and anything that had to do with Primary. One of those areas of research was the Faith in God Program. I was somewhat familiar with the program since my daughter had just become old enough to participate. Between my daughter and my own research, I learned a lot about this wonderful program. So, if you are not very familiar with the Faith in God Program, here is a quick summary that may be helpful as you serve in your calling or as you help your child complete their goals.

  1. Faith in God is a program for both boys and girls.
  2. The purpose of the program is to “encourage children to learn and live the gospel, serve others, and use the talents that Heavenly Father has given them. Earning the Faith in God award will help them become the kind of person He knows they can become.”
  3. Please refer to page 17 of the Faith in God booklet for a complete description of program. I strongly recommend reading the section titled “Information for parents and leaders.” All the information that you need is clearly outlined and explained. I am just highlighting the main ideas of the program.
  4. Every child can begin working on their goals beginning at age 8 and finish by the time they turn 12 and move on to Young Men or Young Women. Every child should complete two achievements every year  in each of the following four areas (a total of 8 achievements per year):
    • learning and living the gospel
    • serving others
    • developing talents
    • preparing for the Young Men/Young Women program
  5. An Activity Day leader should be called in every ward to meet twice a month with the Activity Days girls in order to plan activities that will help the girls complete their achievements. The boys do not attend Activity Day meeting; instead they work on their goals at home and with their Cub Scout den or Boy Scout troop.
  6. Both boys and girls will need help from parents at home to help them complete their achievements. The Activity Day leader and Scout troop are there to support and help, but parents should be in charge of helping their children complete their goals and achievements.
  7. At least twice a year, a Primary Activity Day should include opportunities for the children to share what they have learned and accomplished.
  8. When all required activities are completed, the Primary president and bishop sign the award in the booklet and recognize the child’s accomplishments in Primary.

This is a very quick introduction to the program and is not intended to replace reading the Faith in God booklet, but it is a quick introduction to help those leaders who have not ever been involved or introduced to the program. See also info for parents” in the Faith in God booklet itself,



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