Saying December Goodbyes

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Today’s author is Karin, mother of 6 (7 this year with an Italian exchange student), director of a travel agency, lifeguard at Girl’s Camp, who loves family/friends, children, sun, exercise, eating healthy, and reading when she has the time. She writes:

I teach the CTR 6 class – three girls and one boy.  They all come with dynamic personalities and are always excited to be in class.  Each has a job each week that rotates:  Line Leader, Snack Helper, Opening Prayer, Closing Prayer. I use my Family Night board to rotate the jobs, sticking labels over my children’s names and Family Night jobs. I told the children they are like my children each Sunday as I love them the same.  They are my ward family.

A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of my lesson about Christ’s love for his children, one of them said, “What are we going to do?  We have to move to a new teacher in January.  I don’t want to leave you.”  I told them this is how we must have felt in heaven when we left to come to earth. We promised to live our best here so we could return to our loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  I felt the Spirit very strong as I told them this.

I then related it to our class.  I told them they have to live right if they can (try their hardest) the rest of their lives . . . go on missions, marry in the temple . . . and I will be there when they do if I can.  I also told them I will always love them and never forget them.  They are my favorite class (of course I say that to all of my classes but I truly believe it and want them all to feel my love and joy in teaching them).

The Spirit in Primary is so strong when you can form bonds with the children.  They aren’t mine by physical birth but I feel a special connection as I teach them and get to know them more and more each week.  I love feeling the Spirit as I teach the truths so basic and yet so important.  I know they feel His spirit and love through me as well for it can only come from Him.


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