Songs and Scriptures for 2014: Memorization Challenge!

Download the chart here: Primary memorization chart 2014 and “The Family is of God” sheet musicstickers

Today’s guest author Jen H. says, “I can honestly say that I am happiest serving in Primary, teaching the beautiful and simple principles of the gospel, and singing Primary songs surrounded by the children.”

Jen has put together all the monthly scriptures and songs into a terrific sheet for each child to take home and memorize, to build their familiarity with the scriptures, songs, and monthly themes. Jen writes:

These memorization charts can be copied onto card stock and passed out to each child in Primary, along with small round stickers to help them mark their progress by covering over the symbol for each item as they memorize it.  Along with the chart, we’ll include a CD of the songs we’ll be learning this year, including the new song.  Our CD will also include the songs for the Articles of Faith.

We have added our own choices of songs to the charts. If you want to use it but would like to use different songs than the ones than our ward chose as optional songs, feel free to leave a comment with a request and I will personalize it and send it to you.

-Jen H.

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3 responses to “Songs and Scriptures for 2014: Memorization Challenge!

  1. This is great, Jen! Thanks. I’m definitely printing it out for my own kids.

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