Inviting the Spirit: A Child’s First Talk

My daughter is a Sunbeam and recently gave her first talk in opening exercises.  She told the story from the Book of Mormon about wicked King Noah and the special message Abinadi was sent to teach.  She bravely and enthusiastically retold this story emphasizing the importance to “REPENT!” just like Abinadi warned King Noah.

Abinadi teaches King Noah, picture courtesy of

She told how King Noah never listened to Abinadi’s message to repent and instead had Abinadi burned to death.  She ended on a positive note by sharing that one in the group did hear and believe Abinadi’s message.  Alma heard the words of Abinadi and knew they were true and tried to convince King Noah to believe but instead angered him so that Alma had to run and hide in the wilderness to be safe.  Even though Abinadi died for his special message, Alma continued teaching what he learned from Abinadi and baptized a great people.  As she closed her talk she reminded us to be brave even though there are wicked people and remember to follow the commandments just like Abinadi taught.

Alma baptizes in the Waters of Mormon, picture courtesy of

I was amazed at the attention the typically rambunctious children were giving her and marveled at her sweet bold delivery of these truths.  I was a proud mom in the audience, and I felt the Spirit in that small Primary room.  Her smiling face let me know she was feeling the Spirit too.  And to think that she was very nervous before hand!  Her dad said a prayer asking that she be able to feel the Holy Ghost and have the courage to share her talk.  This simple assignment gave her the chance to pray and receive an answer to her prayer, learn more about the scriptures, feel the Spirit, and share her testimony with the other children in Primary — all of which happened in less than 5 minutes!

After church the Primary President stopped my daughter in the hallway, got down face to face with her and thanked her for giving a talk and sharing her testimony and asked if she could give my daughter a hug.  My daughter happily returned the hug and then said, “Thank you for YOU!”  I’m pretty sure there were some tears in the eyes of this very hard working, dedicated Primary President.  I know there were in mine.  Once again I felt the Spirit thanks to the love shown by this Primary President and my daughter’s participation in Primary.

Leading up to this particular Sunday we had all been sick and our schedules were very full.  In fact, it wasn’t until after I finally got my kids in bed on Saturday night that I remembered my daughter’s talk assignment for the next day.  I sighed and asked my husband to make the Abinadi story the topic of our breakfast scripture study so that she could prepare for her assigned topic.  It wasn’t a hard task, but I admit I wasn’t especially thrilled about it.  And to think that if I would have forgotten or chosen not to participate we could have missed those priceless moments of feeling the Spirit.

“…but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.”  Alma 37:6

Sometimes we just have to do our small part and amazing things can happen.



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