What’s Primary like in Nepal or Bahrain?

Today’s blog visit by someone in Rwanda brings us to blog visitors from 183 countries and territories, including 9 of 10 provinces in Canada and all 50 states in the USA plus Washington DC. We have visitors from Algeria to Zimbabwe, from Slovakia AND Slovenia, and (I’m not making this up) North Pole, Alaska — all seeking to build Primary in Zion. Look to the left here for the list titled “Primary in Zion visitors span the nations.”

Each time a new country pops up, my heart goes out to the Primary worker in that place and I think, “What’s Primary like for you, my sister or brother? Do you sing ‘I am a Child of God?’ Are the children too wiggly sometimes? Do they love the Lord? Is it hard for them to be good some days?” We’re honored that leaders of children around the world are visiting these pages and sharing ideas about how to help children return to the Lord who loves them so much.

I’m particularly touched that we have visitors from both Israel and the Palestinian Territories. This region of the world, beloved of the Lord Jesus Christ as His earthly homeland, is revered as holy by many. But even today’s heart-wrenching, devastating conflict doesn’t stop Latter-day Saint Primary leaders coming together in this troubled region, at least on this blog, on behalf of children. My personal wish is that this tiny moment of virtual connection might expand to engulf the region — and the world — in God’s love. All over the world, we share a common desire for strong, faithful children who know and love the Lord, and a desire to build a better world for them. I wish that these common desires might bring us all just a little closer to Zion — through Primary. It wouldn’t be the first time that “a little child shall lead them.”  (Isaiah 11:6)

We’d love to hear from you — wherever you are, near or far: what is your Primary like?




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7 responses to “What’s Primary like in Nepal or Bahrain?

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