If You Chance to Meet a Frown

This Primary song is one of my favorites from my own childhood and I don’t hear it sung much in Primaries these days.  I am hoping to remind everyone what a great song this is!  It is perfect for Primary, Nursery, or during class time!  Here’s a fun visual aid you can make and use with the kids while you sing it together.  Guest Author Sarah gave me the idea with her “Song Sticks“.

  1. Print off this page from lds.org.  There are 8 faces on each page.
  2. Cut out each face (I used my circle cutter but you certainly don’t need one to make this work well).
  3. Laminate each face and cut out again.
  4. Glue each face to its own tongue depressor (perfect for little hands).  I used a hot glue gun but glue dots could work as well.  (Oh, and I glued them with the frowny face showing first when you hold the stick because both verses begin with a frown.)
  5. Pull these out to teach a specific lesson or just as a “break” when someone needs some cheering up.  When something insubstantial is making my children grumpy I try my best imitation of their frowny face and I can almost always illicit  immediate giggles and dispel the grumpies.

Let the dramatic frowns and gleeful smiles begin!



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