2013 Sacrament Meeting Presentation Invitations!

Guest author Jenn did a wonderful invitation in 2012, and we’ve had many requests for a 2013 version of her eye-catching, warmly inviting invitations for children to give to friends, coaches, teachers, and neighbors to invite them to the Primary sacrament meeting presentation. Here’s a few ideas to choose from for this year’s theme:

Start with the detailed invitation, the who, what, where, when: Child of God Invite (pdf version).

Then choose a cover:

(Invitation #3 is shown below).

i ama  child of god_web,pdfOn behalf of us all, thanks for these wonderful ideas!

  1. Simply Fresh Designs
  2. All Things Bright and Beautiful (Courtney Aitken)
  3. Alexis Merrill Design
FYI: Here’s the customizable version of the generic information: I AM A CHILD OF GOD invite page 2 (Microsoft Word doesn’t always open the same on every computer)

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