Inviting Audience Comments – Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

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Today’s guest author is Emily, a Primary leader who dabbles in photography and loves collecting stationery. She wanted to do something new to involve the whole congregation. Emily had the wonderful idea of inviting comments from the audience after the Primary sacrament meeting presentation. The following was printed in the sacrament meeting program:

As a Primary, we have worked very hard this year to learn, grow and strengthen our testimonies. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to share those testimonies with you today. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and feelings with us about our program today. We will share your comments with the children. There is a bowl on the table in the foyer for you to place your completed cards.
Thank you,
The Primary Presidency

The “comment card” section was printed on the right side of the program, so people just tore off that page to drop it in the bowl.  The Primary President mentioned the “comment card” section of the program before the program started (to get members to think about it) and again in her closing statements before the closing hymn/prayer.

The cards gave the ward family a specific way to support the children, and the words gave the children much-appreciated feedback on their hard work. “A few thoughts we read during Sharing Time that day, but the kids had completely checked out mentally (and no one deserved it more).  We incorporated them into Sharing Time for the next week or so.”

Emily writes, “I loved that the comments were all about feeling the spirit and how proud the congregation was. Not only were they a self-esteem booster for all the kids, but I think our congregation was more aware of how the kids influenced their spirit throughout the program.”
Marci adds: A wonderful scripture to print in the Sunday program to go with the Primary sacrament meeting program is this: “Behold . . . the multitude gathered themselves together, and they both saw and heard these children; yea, even babes did open their mouths and utter marvelous things.” (3 Nephi 26:16)
Other ideas:
* Make invitations for children to give to neighbors, friends, teachers, coaches — read more here.
* Consider holding an open house after sacrament meeting so nonmembers feel welcome and have a chance to chat comfortably and ask questions — read more here.


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6 responses to “Inviting Audience Comments – Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation

  1. Jen Hubbard

    I have done this in past Primaries and it’s been wonderful to share with the children how their hard work, singing and sharing of testimonies has influences others. It’s definitely worth the effort. We’ll be doing this in Brookline! One thought though- many children like to color the programs. We insert a brightly colored paper for our comment card, making it easier to keep track of on the pew.

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