Friend or Foe?

My daughter loves bugs.  She’s never shied away from picking up worms, roly-polies, spiders you name it!  She finds them fascinating.

Recently we were in the garden watering the vegetables when she excitedly came running with her pointer finger held out cautiously excited to show us her

new friend!  “Look at my new friend who landed on me to say hello!”  She held out her finger to let us inspect closer.  Sitting on her finger slurping up her blood greedily was a mosquito.  We immediately tried to swat it away to save her from the inevitable but she was devastated.  “NO!  He’s my friend, he’s visiting me!”  We tried to explain but I guess being only 4 years old she didn’t know any better, and couldn’t remember what last summer’s mosquito bites felt like.

Unfortunately, the next day she became very aware of a large, very itchy bump on her finger.  We explained to her that it was a mosquito bite from her “friend” and she was crestfallen.  She paused for a second and I could imagine her feelings of betrayal.  She was only being nice, letting her “friend” perch on her finger safely when others would have squished him instantaneously.

As this experience transpired over a few days I reflected on how this mosquito is much like Satan.  He may seem pretty harmless; we may think that we are strong enough to resist his temptations; but in the end he is still Satan.  He will always leave us feeling betrayed, uncomfortable and wounded.  Thankfully, we have our spiritual “mosquito repellent” handy to ward off attacks: The Holy Ghost.  Just as my daughter needed to learn that mosquitoes are only able to bite when they land on her, so must we teach our children to avoid the pitfalls of life and childhood: peer pressure, pornography, dishonesty, stealing, cheating etc.  Teaching our children to feel and recognize the Holy Ghost is one of our best defenses against the storms (and mosquitoes) of life!

Maybe you want to re-tell this story and use the analogy of the mosquito to help teach your Primary children about choosing wisely.



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