Quiet Game – Reverence Builder

I credit clever Primary President Maxine with this great idea, but she denies it and claims the idea preceded her.


The Quiet Game? As a visitor, it took me a long time to figure out what was going on. For one thing, I’ve never seen a Primary room so quiet immediately as the children entered. Usually there’s a bit of rambunctiousness that settles down gradually until the children are ready to learn. But I walked in and encountered pin-drop reverence and one little boy with a too-short tie and a cowlick, standing in front of the room with his arms folded.

Here’s how The Quiet Game works. One child is chosen because of outstanding reverent behavior. That child stands in front of the room for a moment, then calls on another reverent child who takes his place. Repeat, until all children have been chosen (which presupposes that they are all reverent enough to be chosen).

I love this idea for building reverence, as we seek to create a calm place where children can listen to the whisperings of the Spirit.


Art courtesy of ldsclipart.com


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