“Hello Song” in many languages

Today’s author Laura S. is a dynamite mom and Primary leader who enjoys Indian food, sewing, and musicals. She shares the following fun idea:

Growing up with a father in the Air Force, I moved around all the time and lived in many different countries. I like to say I learned a little of a lot of languages. When I was a child in Primary we would put these languages to use and have some fun with the “Hello Song” (Children’s Songbook, 260) by singing the word “Hello” in a different language when visitors would join our Primary. As the Music Leader in Primary today, everyone loves to suggest the language we sing “Hello” in when we have visitors!

German: Guten Tag

Turkish: Merhaba

Japanese: Konnichiwa

Italian: Ciao

hello song picture

from “The Children’s Songbook” at lds.org

French: Bonjour

Marshallese: Yokwe

Portuguese: Olá!

Spanish: Hola

Naturally, we sing the rest of the song as written, for example:

“Hola, hola, hola, hola, We welcome you today, Hola, etc.”


By the way, here’s a related “Overheard in Primary” moment:

The Primary leader scanned the room for visitors to welcome with the “Hello” song. “Any new people here?” she asked?

A 10-year-old boy responded, “No, I’m an old person.”


Any other languages you know? Please add them below in the comments!


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