Meeting the Needs of Individual Primary Children

Sometimes it is a challenge to think outside the box.  Sometimes the solution is easy, but the answer may not be what you were expecting.  Sometimes it’s as easy as rolling that piano to the back of the room!

I had a conversation with a dear friend recently.  She has a son in Sunbeams who has some special needs.  I asked how he was doing and was thrilled to hear how much his speech had been progressing.  However, I was saddened to hear that Primary has been a struggle for him.  He gets overstimulated by loud noises and his class sits near the piano in the Primary room.  This poor little guy sits in his chair with his hands over his ears saying “That’s too loud!  That’s too loud!” repeatedly. The solution was easy, although it took thinking outside of the box to get to it: move the piano to the back of the room.

Another ward with over 20 new Sunbeams was at a loss for how to keep those Sunbeams in their seats during Sharing Time.  They were sitting on the front row, of course, because that’s where the Sunbeams sit, right?  Well, traditionally, yes.  Someone in their presidency had the genius idea of moving the Sunbeams to the second row.  Having them in the second row created some natural boundaries for them, they were blocked in by a row a chairs and children right in front of them and it was an easy, highly effective solution to their problem, even if it wasn’t “traditional.”

Parents are often the greatest teammate that we forget to involve.  Parents want Primary to be a good experience for their child and others.  Don’t forget to ask them what you can do to help their child have a positive Primary experience.

There are other solutions just waiting to be discovered.  How can we meet the needs of individual Primary children?  Please share your ideas with all of us in the comment section below.



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