Discover the Primary leadership training videos!

 Jesus and children
Have you discovered the leadership training video library at
There are some wonderful Primary training videos you might enjoy, from working with the bishopric, to ministering to children, to the purposes of Primary music, to encouraging reverence. I particularly liked this thought from the video titled “Working with the Secretary”: “For me, being close to the children is the same as being close to the Lord. They are pure. While I’m teaching them, or during activities, they have something within them that helps me feel  I’m closer to the Savior.

I love that thought.

There are wonderful discussion questions at the end of each video, such as (from that same video): “How can your secretary help your presidency as you make decisions about where to focus your efforts to strengthen individual children?” Perhaps your presidency would like to choose a video to watch before your next presidency meeting, and consider the discussion questions at the end together.

May these resources help you to lead the children to Christ.


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