Growing Up to be Dads and Moms – Sharing Time or Family Night Idea

Gospel teaching about families lends itself to children thinking 1122012-Clipart-Of-A-Silhouetted-Father-And-Son-Holding-Hands-With-Shadows-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustrationahead to families of their own. You might “ask the boys to stand. Explain that they can each be the father of a righteous family someday. Ask the girls to stand, and explain that they can each be the mother of a righteous family.” (2013 Outline for Sharing Time, 14.) Here’s  something you can do to help the children experience this, and to plan now to be good fathers and mothers. Thanks to today’s guest Brenna, a remarkable Primary leader with a deep well of clever ideas that help children  learn in fun ways AND feel the Spirit.

Bring a woman’s blouse, skirt, shoes, and scarf or necklace.

In a separate bag, bring a man’s shirt, pants, shoes, and a tie (loosely tied to fit over a child’s head).

Starting with the girls, ask a child to come up and pull each item out of the bag. Set aside on a chair or table. Then ask for two volunteers — one girl to dress in the woman’s clothes and one girl to help her. While they do, everyone sings the song of the month “Families Can Be Together Forever” (Children’s Songbook 188). See if they can finish getting dressed before you finish singing the song! Then talk about how she has some growing to do before she’s ready to be a mom, both inside and outside. “Ask a few of the girls to say something they might do to be a good mother.”  (2013 Outline for Sharing Time, 14.)  Repeat with the boys.

If time allows, repeat once more for each gender, this time asking the teachers to think of ways the girls and boys can prepare to be good moms and dads.

The promise of eternal families is one of the sweetest blessings of the restored gospel. I hope the children in your Primary or in your home feel the Spirit testifying to them that families are part of Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness.


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One response to “Growing Up to be Dads and Moms – Sharing Time or Family Night Idea

  1. Amber Hansen

    I did this for my sharing time today. It was a huge hit. The kids loved it. Thank you!

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