Prophets Teach Me to Live the Word of Wisdom: Sharing Time or family night ideas

 In the early days of my missionary service in Spain I don’t think I ever felt an ‘exclamation point’ when saying that we were going to teach someone about the Word of Wisdom.  I knew it was a hard challenge to quit smoking or forego drinking that traditional glass of wine with dinner every evening, or giving up the morning coffee routine.  I was always a little nervous to ask my investigators to make that commitment because I was afraid it would scare them away.  And the truth is, it did scare some investigators away.  But what I came to learn was this: when you know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and that we receive revelations from God in the latter-days, then the Word of Wisdom should have an exclamation point behind it, all the time!  Teaching someone about how to keep their body healthy and their mind clear and how to call upon God to pour out his blessings for their obedience was a life changing moment!

Seeing people learn about the Word of Wisdom for the first time and embracing it with all its blessings was a real testimony-building experience.  Now years later, I can look back and see how much the Word of Wisdom blessed my life and my mind and body even before I fully appreciated it.  Now I appreciate it even more and try and teach my own children, who are like mini-“investigators” really, that living the Word of Wisdom is a blessing not a sacrifice!

Here’s a wonderful Word of Wisdom sorting game (created by my dear friend Adrienne) that will give you lots of opportunities to teach while the children take turns deciding if a certain food or beverage should get placed under, “Yes, please!” or “No, thank you!”  And you could also sing the classic Primary song that never gets enough attention, For Health and Strength (CS 21).

Word of Wisdom sorting game

Enjoy sharing your testimonies about the Word of Wisdom!



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