“All Over the World” (plus bulletin board ideas)

We sing “All Over the World” (Children’s Songbook, 16) marveling at all the languages in which children say “Thank you” to God in their prayers. But a personal experience attending Primary in Germany drove this home. I also picked up some great bulletin board and activity ideas that you don’t need to read German t0 understand.Primary posters 5 - scriptures.

I was born in Germany, where my dad was stationed after World War II. Dad was transferred when I was a baby, so I have no memory of this country of my birth. This past summer, my 88-year-old mom wanted to see once more the places in Europe where our family lived, and I had the privilege of being her traveling companion.

Sunday found us in Frankfurt. The chapel shares the grounds with President Uchtdorf’s beloved Frankfurt Temple. After sacrament meeting, I went where I always love to be – in Primary. My rusty high school German didn’t get me far in understanding the children and leaders, but the kindly translator didn’t need to translate the Spirit – sweet, strong, unmistakable. And the message of the worldwide gospel of Jesus Christ was the same. I got some good ideas from their bulletin board that needed no translation. I’m grateful for faithful saints and children around the world building Zion. And I’m grateful for a church that recognizes the universal, worldwide family of men, women and children – and teaches us all to follow our common Heavenly Father.


Primary postersPrimary posters 4.Photos taken in the Primary room of the Frankfurt Ward in Germany.


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