Jesus Christ is our Savior: Sharing Time or family night ideas

Jesus Our Teacher and Savior

I approach every lesson with the goal to come up with a variety of activities that will teach and support my one lesson theme or topic.  I’m all about teaching the same principle in different ways so that children of varied learning styles will benefit and really all will benefit from the repetition.  My first activity is a  crossword puzzle.  You can print off individual copies for each child, or you could create one larger version for everyone to work on as a team, using this template. (I created this crossword puzzle on “Puzzlemaker” at  You can create all sorts of puzzles on this site!)

Crossword Puzzle Jesus Christ is our Savior



2. Jesus went to the river Jordan for this special event.

4. Christ feels this for all of us.

5. We come to this special building each week to learn more about Jesus.


1. We can talk with Heavenly Father.

3. Heavenly Father sent Jesus to earth so he could do this. (this is a tricky one, I suppose there are lots of answers to this clue that would be true)

answers: baptism, love, church, prayer, teach

This crossword puzzle might be quick, especially for the Senior Primary.  But if you want something quick to finish off your lesson, then that’s perfect!  However, if you want to make this its own lesson then I thought of some more layers you could add to this simple game.

If you know me at all, or have ever read any of my posts here, you know how much I love music, and that to me it’s one of the top most effective teaching tools!  So, of course, I’ve gotta include music in this lesson idea as well.  So here’s another layer you could add to the crossword puzzle that will incorporate music.  If you are solving the puzzle as a group, stop to take a break after you solve each clue and sing a song about that one topic.  Take the opportunity to talk about the different doctrinal teachings that the song lyrics teach.  Here’s a list of song options for each of the 5 puzzle answers:

Baptism: When Jesus Christ was Baptized (CS 102 ); Baptism (CS 100)

Prayer: A Child’s Prayer (CS 12); Search, Ponder, and Pray (CS 109)

Church: The Church of Jesus Christ (CS 77); The Chapel Doors (CS 156)

Love: Love One Another (CS 136); I’ll Walk With You (CS 140); Jesus Said Love Everyone (CS 61)

Teach: Teach Me to Walk in the Light (CS 177); I Am a Child of God (CS 2); He Sent His Son (CS 34)

Enjoy teaching and reminding your Primary children that Jesus Christ is our Savior!  I know it’s true, and I am so thankful for Him and to know how His Atonement blesses my life each day.



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