Bridging the Connection Between Home and Primary: a monthly newsletter

Recently on Primary in Zion, Jenn shared a fabulous memorization chart with all the scriptures and songs for this new year!  I thought this was a perfect resource for bridging the connection between home and Primary.  How often do we ask our children what they learned in class and the response we get is, “I don’t know.”  Please tell me I’m not the only parent who gets this answer!

Even though Primaries across the world use the same sharing time outline each year, individual Primaries and Primary Presidencies are unique and do different things.  This brings me to another suggestion for bridging the connection between home and Primary: a monthly Primary newsletter.  I don’t suggest an elaborate, time consuming, paper wasting newsletter that will end up in the trash can or on the ground in the parking lot.  Rather, I can imagine a newsletter email that would inform parents about the different incentives going on in Primary each Sunday; or offer a reminder to parents about a particular need in Primary; or an overview of which children are giving talks or scriptures in opening exercises that month; or a list of the Primary rules that each child should be following (wouldn’t it be great if parents reinforced the Primary rules at home and helped their child understand Primary expectations?).

Each Primary has different needs and a monthly newsletter might include a variety of information, the important thing is that the newsletter include relevant, useful and concise information.  Short, sweet and to the point!

Earlier this month I dropped my children off in Primary and my daughter, who is a new Sunbeam, spotted a cute handmade mailbox sitting atop the piano and inquired what it was.  I wish I could have explained it to her but I didn’t know what it was for.  It certainly looked cute and her question piqued my interest as well!  I didn’t know what to tell her at that moment but later the Primary president explained their fun idea, “We’ve been using the mailbox to hold that weeks spotlight, talk/scripture, announcements, etc.  We have the kiddos open the box and hand out assignments. It keeps them a little more entertained while we go though our weekly chores (so to say), and it makes it easier to not forget things when conducting.”  As a parent and teacher I love to gather new ideas from others!  Including a description of new incentives, such as a special Primary mailbox, is a perfect tidbit of information to include in a monthly newsletter.

Whether the memorization chart or a monthly newsletter works for your Primary the important thing is to bridge the connection between home and Primary in a way that is helpful and relevant to your unique Primary.  What do you do in your Primary?  Please share your ideas in the comment section below and let the synergy begin!

~Michelle, with guest contributor Valerie

{Thank you to Valerie for contributing this fantastic monthly newsletter example that can be used as a fast template that’s editable for your needs!}



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5 responses to “Bridging the Connection Between Home and Primary: a monthly newsletter

  1. Bonnie Goodrich Wilcoxson

    I’m a new Primary president as in, never-done-this-before. Thisis a great idea; any chance it could be updated for 2015?

    • Marci

      Yes – we hope to post the scriptures and songs memorization card sometime in late fall – “follow” the blog or “like” us on Facebook to get the latest news! Glad you like it!

  2. Bonnie Goodrich Wilcoxson

    Oh, dear. Looks like I’m talking about updating the newsletter for 2015. I meant the scriptures and songs memorization card.

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