Scouting – Primary’s Final Frontier

Click to read the Church’s announcement about the relationship with Boy Scouts of America after December 2019 – but KEEP MOVING FORWARD, say the YM/YW/PR general presidents!


Click to download the Scout Parent Letter. Then just fill in the blanks!

cub scouts

Perhaps you too feel mystified by Cub Scouting and the 11-year-old-Scout program. Perhaps you feel like you’ve got the rest of Primary figured out – always with room for repentance and growth, but at least you have a purchase point on Sharing Time, nursery, activity days, and the Children’s Songbook. But Scouting? Primary leaders and parents alike may feel like they’re in uncharted territory.

Pat to the rescue! This intrepid lady Scouter has many years of experience in the church and in Scouting, and is ready to be your guide. Pat shares the attached “Scout Letter” (see above to download), written in collaboration with many others. This letter is an orientation letter given to parents as soon as their son approaches Scouting years. In it you’ll find all kinds of answers to questions, from where to get the uniform to why the church has adopted the Scouting program.

Raising my own four sons, I know how much the Scouting program gave them confidence and practice in setting goals, meeting a challenge, and making it all fun. I know that the Lord cares about children’s spirits, bodies and minds – and has structured His church to support children with character-building activities as well as religious growth opportunities.

Has Scouting influenced your boys’ lives?

~Marci, with guest contributor Pat

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