Choices and Consequences – Sharing Time activity about agency

Click to download the document suitable for cutting up into wordstrips: Choices and Consequences


Helping children think about the consequences of various choices helps them understand a fundamental gospel principle — agency. Here are some situations, and an activity using these scenarios:

* Susie sees a new girl sitting alone in the school cafeteria and sits with her. (Possible consequences that the children might mention: she feels good; someone might help her someday when she’s new too.)

* Samantha complains about having to do her chores. (Possible consequences: she’ll probably have to do her chores anyway, and it will just be harder and less fun for everyone.)

* Stanley watches his baby sister while his mom is making supper. (Possible consequences: dinner gets ready sooner; everyone is happier.)

* Samuel ignores his parents when they tell him to wake up and get ready for school. (Possible consequences: he might miss the bus or get to school late; it will be a harder morning for everyone.)

* Shane notices his friend has brought pictures to school of people immodestly dressed. He looks away and tells a teacher. (Possible consequences: he’ll feel better knowing he’s choosing to keep his “mind and body pure,” “only read[ing] and watch[ing] things that are pleasing to Heavenly Father.” See “My Gospel Standards” in the Faith in God Guidebook.)

* Sarah sees her favorite candy bar in the store and doesn’t have any money, so she slips it into her pocket when no one is looking. (Possible consequences: she might get in trouble; even if she doesn’t, she’ll know that Jesus knows she made a bad choice.)

* Steven reverently listens with his whole body in Primary. (Possible consequences: he feels good; he helps invite the Spirit so everyone can have a good experience in Primary.

* Sheila shovels snow from her neighbor’s sidewalk. (Possible consequences: she’ll feel good knowing she’s helping someone else, like Jesus told us to do; her neighbor might really appreciate it.)

Here’s an activity using these scenarios:

“Write on strips of paper some good choices and bad choices a child could make. Place the strips in a container. Have the children form two lines, a “choice” line and a “consequences” line. Have the first child in each line walk to the front of the room as everyone sings the first line of “Choose the Right” (Hymns, 239). Have the child in the “choice” line draw out and read a choice. Have the other child give a possible consequence of that choice. Have the rest of the children point their thumbs up if it is a good choice and point their thumbs down if it is a bad choice. Continue as time allows.” (2018 Sharing Time Manual, page 3).




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