Songs and Scriptures for 2013: Memorization Challenge!

Download the chart here: Memorization Chart 2013 

In our house (with three children under age seven), we like to have a quick, simple devotional to start the day.  At breakfast time, we have a morning prayer, then sing a song, practice a scripture we are memorizing, and then read one additional verse of scripture.  My kids actually love this routine and like to remind us about it if we forget to do it!  I will admit that I have been surprised to see what young children are capable of memorizing — and how much they seem to enjoy it.

In an attempt to come up with songs and scriptures to work on memorizing, I decided to make a list of all the songs and scriptures that go along with the Primary Sharing Time monthly themes.  After creating the list last year, I realized that the families in my Primary might enjoy using the list as well.  I ended up making it into a memorization chart with stickers, and we gave them to all of our Primary children last year.  I have been pleased to hear how many families have been working on the scriptures and songs, and how much the parents like being connected to what is going on in Primary.

I copied the charts onto colored cardstock and inserted them into page protectors.

On the other side, I inserted a copy of the song for the year that is not in the Children’s Songbook.

I also included 24 small, round stickers, as well as a CD of the Primary songs for the year.

If you’d like to copy this chart for your own Primary, you can download the PDF at the link above.  If you want to use it but would like to use different songs than the ones I chose for our optional songs, you can feel free to leave a comment with a request and I will personalize it and send it to you.




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4 responses to “Songs and Scriptures for 2013: Memorization Challenge!

  1. Anna

    What a great resource (for primary leaders and parents!). I would love to get an editable copy – can you email me one? (

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