Singing Time – Art Class!


Today’s guest author Jenny S. from Arizona adds a another fun singing time – Art class! Jenny adds to her bio: “I thoroughly enjoy being Primary chorister, but I didn’t always feel that way.  But this calling has been very rewarding (and fun) to me and I feel much better equipped to teach the gospel through music to my own children.”

Notice in the photo the child in a wheelchair, whose teacher is drawing for her so she can participate in this fun activity.

Items to Bring: dry erase markers or chalk and erasers for each class, and list of songs to practice, cut into strips placed in a pencil box or lunchbox, pencils and paper for each class (Senior Primary only).

Set up the Board: With dry erase marker or chalk, divide enough sections for each class with class name at the top of each section.

Junior Primary Activity: “Today we’ll start out with a very fun class – Art!” A reverent volunteer chooses a song from the box.  Then each class teacher selects one reverent volunteer to come up to board. In their designated section, they draw what they hear while the rest of the children sing the song.  Praise their “musical drawings” and repeat until everyone gets a chance to draw.

Senior Primary Activity: “Today we’ll start out with a very fun class – Art!” One child from each class comes to the front, is discreetly shown the song title for the song we will sing. Then they have 30 seconds to draw a picture that represents the song. Give each class a paper and pen to write down their guess before any class gets to guess aloud.  When time is up, begin with the youngest class and let them guess first what the title is.  Do not reveal the answer until each class gets a turn to guess. Next, sing that song.  The teachers look for participating children and choose that person to be the next representative. Repeat until all songs have been sung.


– Jenny S.


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