“What did you learn in Nursery today?”

I was picking up my daughter from Nursery one Sunday when I overheard a delightful little sound bite:

Another mom was picking up her son and asked him, “What did you learn in Nursery today?”  The Nursery teacher heard the mom’s question and eagerly awaited the child’s response.

The little boy responded, “I learned that Heavenly Father loves me!”

As the mom was smiling at his response, the Nursery teacher emphatically whispered, “YES!”  while giving a celebratory fist pump.

That 4.5 second interaction definitely made my day.   Just the validation needed for a hard working Nursery teacher!  Children really are little sponges soaking it all up.  Teachers, you may never hear from the children in your class how much they love you and how much they have learned so I’m telling you here:  YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT!  Thank you, thank you, to all the dedicated Primary and Nursery teachers out there.  I thank you on my own behalf, on the behalf of my children, and on behalf of God’s children all over the world.  Thank you!



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