Children inviting neighbors, coaches, and schoolteachers to Primary Sacrament Meeting Program

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Children are natural missionaries, and can sometimes almost effortlessly invite a neighbor, friend, teacher, or coach to hear them speak or sing in church. The Primary Sacrament meeting presentation is a golden opportunity!

The following invitation ideas make it easy. You can give several to each child to give to someone they’d like to invite.The message of the invitation — Jesus Christ, making good choices, families, etc. — is a positive one for nonmembers, whether or not they come to church.

Jen gave an invitation to a playground mom who ended up being baptized! Read about it here. Don’t miss “Be a Missionary Now” in the September 2012 FRIEND, page 10, for other wonderful ideas about children as natural missionaries.

For 2015 invitation and open house ideas, click here. For a matching printed program, click here




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15 responses to “Children inviting neighbors, coaches, and schoolteachers to Primary Sacrament Meeting Program

  1. Shauna

    Love it!!! Would love to be able to insert the information though so each child doesn’t have to write it all in!! thanks!!

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  3. Tiffany Weaver

    I love this!!! Do you happen to have anything similar for this year’s program, 2013?

    • Marci

      Let me put out a call and see if we can rustle up some 2013 versions! Thanks very much for your interest.

      • Danielle

        Is there any chance of contacting “Jenn”, the creator of the 2012 invitations to see if she has done one for 2013? This format is EXACTLY what we are looking for and I am not computer savvy enough to create one myself. Thank you!

      • Marci

        stay tuned – Jenn just surfaced after a move and will send us her 2013 invitation soon! Thanks very much for your interest.

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  5. elisej2000

    What awesome invitations! Do you have a 2013 version to share?

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