Primary Sacrament Meeting Program outline–click, print and go!

Today we are sharing a wonderful Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Outline contributed by our guest author Kim, Primary President and mother of 5 children who loves photography and hiking, camping, and biking anytime, anywhere.

Download this sample Primary Program Outline from a previous year and read how this Primary prepares for their successful program:

We have the narrators read the themes and scriptures for each song, then we have each of the Primary children give a short statement from one of the questions listed below.

To prepare, we assign each class to a monthly theme.  We find it is easiest to pull the kids out one at a time during singing time the month before and collect their answers (we usually have them say one sentence each). Then we email the part to their parents several times before the program and ask them to help their children memorize it.  It can be arranged so that some classes have children answer the same question (usually the younger kids), while other classes have children answer different questions in the same topic.  Either way works great.

When we did the program last year, it worked very smoothly to have each class line up at the microphone while the narrators said their part.  Then after their parts, they walked back to their seats while the introduction to the song was being played.

We gave a copy of the program to all the teachers so they knew when to take their classes up to the microphone.  The narrators knew to start their part right after each song.  No cues were needed from the presidency and the program ran all by itself.

A few other things that helped:  We put name tags on all the seats several weeks in advance so all the children knew where they sat.  We practiced several times having them come from the audience to their seats until they had it memorized.

We estimated about 5 minutes per class and with 8 sections, the program turned out to be 40 minutes.

We hope this helps make your program easier and more enjoyable.

~Kim, guest author

FYI: for more ideas, search for “sacrament meeting program” in the search box on the upper right.



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24 responses to “Primary Sacrament Meeting Program outline–click, print and go!

  1. Raquel Aranda

    Do you have the program for 2013 “I am a child of God” ? I need some ideas.. Thank you!! You do a wonderful job!

  2. Sam

    When do you think the 2013 program might be completed?

  3. cyndie

    I’m looking forward to seeing your 2013 Primary sacrament meeting program outline! I hope to receive an email. Thank you so much!

  4. Colleen

    Do you have the 2013 Primary sacrament meeting program outline completed yet? I know you said by the end of July.

  5. Annie

    Any news on the 2013 outline?

  6. Marci

    Honestly, we thought we couldn’t do better than the Sugardoodle program outlines at

    or the invitations at

    Perhaps one of these will suit your needs! Sorry again for the delay, and thanks for your interest.

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  9. Pele Ngaue

    Do you have the scripts for the theme Choose The Right?

    • Marci

      Thanks for your interest, Pele! I just now received your inquiry, and your program may be long over by now! but you’ll see that Kim above just asked the children questions about each theme and wrote their answers to produce the script. Good luck with your program, and thanks for being in touch!

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