Honoring Parents – even if parents make poor choices?

Download the 1-page outline here: Honor Parents lesson outline


Frankly, this wasn’t an easy lesson outline to write. I wanted to give it the mainstream treatment, and teach children a simple lesson about honoring parents, meaning “doing what parents say.” That’s an important message, particularly for the 99 sheep. But unfortunately not all parents are honorable, and there may be one lost sheep in your Primary who desperately needs a more nuanced message.

Some children – perhaps children in your Primary – have parents who are struggling on their own life path. How can you teach a lesson about honoring parents if the parent encourages the child to join them in smoking or drinking, or worse yet, is abusive and tells the child not to tell? And how can a Primary leader who was raised by less-than-honorable parents teach the next generation about honoring their parents in a way that is authentic to her own conscience?

This lesson outline is pretty mainstream until it gets to the part about honoring parents by bringing honor to one’s parents – doing one’s very best in school, etc. Elder D. Todd Christofferson said, “To all the rising generation, we say, wherever you rank your own father . . . make up your mind to honor him and your mother by your own life. Your righteousness is the greatest honor any father can receive” (April 2016 General Conference).

Prayerfully consider whether any child in your Primary needs this message.

I wish that every Primary child was squarely located in Utopialand, being raised by honorable parents. Here’s to Primary in Zion – with all of us doing our best in a complicated world.




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