Back to School Singing Time – Packing my Backpack

Today’s guest author is Jenny S. in Arizona, who is a preschool teacher,  Primary chorister, and mother of 3 busy boys. She writes, “I love hiking, and try to fit in snatches of good literature. I am passionate about home organization – largely because it has been lacking in my home!” Jenny led a dynamite singing time — notice the kids in the photo standing up straight like pencils in a pencil box? Here’s her idea:

Preparation: Collect the items below. Make a list of songs you’d like the children to practice, putting a number on each of the items. Children choose an item, then sing that song as indicated:

“Today we are going to practice going back to school. Let’s get ready! Choose something from my school bag and we’ll sing that song in different ways to match the item.”

pencil  = sing it staccato for a sharp pencil.

backpack = sing it legato – big & full like a stuffed backpack.

markers = sing with a smile because markers are fun to use!

pencil box = because a pencil box keeps our pencils together, everyone stand straight and tall like a pencil, scoot close together like pencils in a box and sing together.

eraser = sing it while pretending to erase the words.

notebook = sing it while pretending to write the words in a notebook, turning pages as you go.

lunchbox = sing it while rubbing your tummy, as if you’re full of lunch.

Have fun with the children at this exciting time of new beginnings!

-Jenny S.


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