Olympic Gold Medal Singers! {preparing for the Primary program}

Have you enjoyed the excitement and competition of the Olympic games the past few weeks?  We have watched more TV in the past 2 weeks than we have in the past 2 months!  The energy is contagious!  Well, my guess is, our Primary children have also been bitten by the Olympic bug and have enjoyed following at least some of the competitions.  Now’s their chance to become an honored Olympic Gold Medalist and the competition is SINGING!  Primaries across the world are preparing for the Primary Sacrament Program this fall; why not get the children excited by creating a Singing Olympics?  This is an activity you can begin now and work on for the next many weeks until your Primary Program.  Each Sunday is a new contest! Can the children win the gold medal this week or do they need to continue training?

Singing Olympics:  Create a poster board with all the songs on it that you will be singing in your Primary Program.  Create columns next to each song title.  Cut out bronze, silver and gold medals (brown, gray and yellow construction paper does the trick).  Perhaps you could bring some official-looking neck ties for the judges.   Enlist the help of the Primary Presidency members to be your panel of judges and have them sit in the front of the room so they can evaluate the singing.  After each song the judges collaborate and decide which medal they earned for their singing efforts.  Display the medal on the poster board in the column next to that song title.  This activity works well over a number of weeks.  The goal is to end up getting a gold medal for each of the songs before performance time.

I’ve seen this activity executed well on 2 occasions and now I am wishing I had a picture of the poster board to show you, drat!  I would love, love, LOVE for one of you readers to send me a picture of the poster you make for this activity!



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