Tending Our Flock

There is a young girl in my ward who has never attended Primary because of health issues.  The Primary President implemented a creative plan to include this girl in Primary while providing an opportunity for the children to give of themselves. She made a box with the child’s name on it and placed it on a table where the children would see it. The children were encouraged to write notes and put them in the box.  Her teacher slipped the lesson into the box every week and other children shared copies of their talks.  A DVD was created with each primary child saying “hello” to this little girl and it was sent home in the box as well.  One week Sharing and Singing time was recorded and sent to the child to watch.

Today the Primary President read a letter to the children from this little girl and her mother.  They answered questions some of the children had asked and expressed gratitude for the lessons, notes and talks.  The little girl said she looked forward to meeting them someday.  I am so inspired by the example of this Primary Presidency.  Their efforts to “reach out to the one” humble me and remind me that we each have a responsibility to be “our brother’s keeper.”




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3 responses to “Tending Our Flock

  1. The next step might be video conferencing or skyping, etc, of a special part that the little girl can observe or participate in from home. What a wonderful learning experience for all!

    • Marjorie

      Absolutely! We finally got internet in our building a month ago – it’s a dead zone and most people can’t even get phone service in the building – and hopefully that will work out!

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