Pornography Prevention: When should parents start?

Download the one-page handout Fast Facts, Conversation Starters, Age-Appropriate Teaching.

Few problems in the church today are as thorny as pornography. Like many other situations, prevention is far better than cure. Our goal in posting these pornography prevention materials on the PrimaryinZion blog is to support parents to have these important conversations in the home. Primary leaders can follow up with carefully planned general lessons about modesty as directed in the Sharing Time manuals (for 2012 it was June, week 4; in 2011 it was August, week 2. Check for these good resources.)

But parents can be the most effective teachers on this sensitive but important topic. How early should parents begin to have these conversations? Elder Quentin L. Cook said in October 2012 General Conference: “[A] young man . . . earnestly asked if the Apostles knew how early in life teaching and protecting against pornography and impure thoughts should start. With emphasis, he stated that in some areas even before youth graduate from Primary is not too early.”

But in case you’re a little late, skip the guilt, and just get going. Let yourself off the hook. As H. David Burton said, “The first step is to begin. The second is to continue.” (Ensign, March 2009, 60.) May you feel the sweetness of God’s spirit as you have these important conversations to protect the children you love.



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