Simple Pioneer Trek for Sharing Time, nursery, classes, or families

Download the 1-page outline here: Simple Pioneer Trek lesson outline This is a free chapter from the book that was born on this blog, “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids.

Any day is a golden opportunity to share one of the Most Memorable Lessons Of All Time. With very little advance preparation, you can lead children on a pioneer trek that they’ll remember for a lifetime. This experience may help give them the courage to Choose the Right even when it’s hard, just like the pioneers. You can use this lesson around Pioneer Day in July, or year round, to reinforce any principle that the pioneers lived (obedience, courage, faith, perseverance. . . ). Your trek can take as little as 10 minutes as a family, nursery, Junior or Senior Primary.

I taught this lesson to my Sunbeams several years ago, and those little-tykes-now-teens still remember it, years later. The brave pioneer Saints are a constant source of inspiration. Heading for an unknown life in a hard land, the pioneers left so much behind, while following the Lord unquestioningly.

Grab a handkerchief and a wooden stick to pack your provisions for the trail (optional), muster your courage and obedience, and lead the children into their own Promised Valley of peace and blessings as they follow the Lord.




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9 responses to “Simple Pioneer Trek for Sharing Time, nursery, classes, or families

  1. I did this Pioneer Trek the 5th Sunday of July and it was fantastic fun! We talked about the Pioneers and sang Pioneer songs from the Children’s songbook and I shared a few Pioneer stories as well. I correlated with the Music Chorister and she planned a fun singing time activity once we “arrived in the SL Valley”, she had visuals of a covered wagon pulled by oxen and the kids had to help unpack the wagon (each piece had a line from a song they were learning for the program and they had to guess which song it was and sing it). Very memorable!

  2. We saw are really nice Trek Completion Certificates at an LDS Art gallery in Nauvoo, Il. We looked for them online and just found them:

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