“Lovable Rascals” – a skit for Primary training meetings about dealing with behavior challenges

Download a PDF of Lovable Rascals skit.

Picture this: the stake Primary presidency in front of the room doing a skit, playing the parts of the child who is misbehaving, the child who is feeling shy, the child who copies naughty behavior, and the ever-patient teacher. (No, we didn’t wear costumes.) Following the mantra “show, don’t tell,” we thought it would be much more effective (and fun!) to demonstrate effective behavior management techniques than to hand out another bullet-point list of do’s and don’ts (yawn) at our Stake Primary Leadership Training Workshop.

We asked the Primary leaders to take notes on what principles they noticed while Marjorie The Saintly Teacher patiently tried to redirect the “children” back to the lesson at hand. Michelle The Live Wire kept spouting unrelated comments, and Codependent Marci followed wherever Michelle went. Meanwhile, angelic Blanca The Shy never said a word.

A lively discussion followed, as ward Primary leaders kept thinking together about dealing with challenging children on both ends of the spectrum — the silent ones as well as the rowdy ones. Maybe you have a few of each in your Primary, and a whole range of children in between — all children of God who need a helping hand on their way back to Him.




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