Modesty – including followup for families about pornography prevention

Modesty lessons are no longer just for the youth. In the past few years, the Primary Sharing Time outline has had a lesson about modesty as well. This reflects the need for clear teaching in the last days, as immodest habits and even pornography exposure is creeping to younger and younger ages. But our choice latter-day children are up to the task!

For example, week 4 of the June 2012 Sharing Time outline suggests a lesson about modesty under the monthly theme “I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles.” For language about how to define modesty and how to teach its importance to the Lord, see our Pornography Prevention page for more details.  Here’s some highlights:

Your body is a gift from Heavenly Father. You’ve lived in your body ever since you were born. You respect your body, which means you treat it like the sacred and special gift that it is. One way to show that you respect your body is to dress modestly. Dressing modestly means covering your body with clothes. When you’re in public, you should always wear clothes that cover at least your private parts – the parts covered by your swimsuit.  Modest clothes for school and play and church cover even more of your body than your swimsuit. Grownups can help you figure out how to dress modestly for the right time and place.

A good followup to this Primary lesson about modesty would be to let parents know about the resources at at the pornography prevention tab. While modesty is a wonderful topic for Primary, followup discussions about pornography prevention should happen in the home, not in Primary, so parents can gear this essential but delicate conversation to the needs of the individual child. At the pornography prevention tab above are materials for younger children, older children, and parents — including scriptures and songs for further learning.

Some folks get nervous to talk about these things — but when done appropriately and with the Lord’s guidance, you might be surprised at how sweet the spirit is when children feel the strength of their parents and leaders helping them navigate these tricky issues safely.

As you plan this lesson about modesty, we welcome your good lesson ideas!



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