Secretaries: Children giving the scripture, prayer, and talk

Today’s idea is from Stephanie, who credits a previous Primary president for making these colorful chair covers as seats of honor for the children participating in Primary opening exercises. Imagine how much smoother Primary runs, having the children in place and ready to give the scripture, prayer, and talk. Also imagine how special each child feels as they take their place int he front of the room!

Guess which chair is for the presidency member conducting?

Stephanie’s Primary makes assignments class by class, so each class feels like they’re in charge of opening exercises. Some Primary secretaries assign turns for scripture, prayer and talk by giving the child a strip of paper or handout, following up with the parents by phone or email. Some make up a calendar several months ahead and send it to the parents, with followup reminders the week before.

But the most unusual idea I’ve heard comes from Jenn, who writes: “Our secretary pre-printed the assignments (with fill-in-the-blanks) on large sticky labels.  Then she would fill in the child’s name and the date and stick the sticker on the kid’s back the week before.  The kid couldn’t lose the assignment – it definitely made it home!  And she put it on their backs so they didn’t see it all during Primary and play with it.”

Martha adds, “We make sure that children who have just been baptized speak soon after their baptism, and we have them speak to both Junior and Senior Primary.  We also have children speak on their last Sunday in Primary when they graduate.”

I love this church – where kids as young as 3 have experience with public speaking and giving “sermons.” I feel like I’m watching the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy: “and a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6)

Yours in the journey back to our Heavenly Father, together.



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