Baptismal Promises–sharing time lesson and family night idea (English and Spanish visuals included!)

This lesson comes from my bag of tricks from my days as a full-time missionary in the Spain, Barcelona Mission (the best mission on earth!).  We didn’t use this lesson plan but we used word strips like these to discuss and understand that the baptismal covenant is a big promise that we make with Heavenly Father in which we make promises to Him and He makes promises to us.

Fast forward a few years. I decided to adapt this idea into a Family Home Evening lesson so I could begin to teach my children the concept of what a covenant is, and discuss baptism.  If we are going to make a big promise with Heavenly Father we should probably understand what we are promising!  I have found that this is a perfect lesson to pull out every few months as a refresher.

And since this reminiscing has reminded me so fondly of my mission days in Spain, I think it only appropriate that I include a Spanish translation of the word strips for all my fellow Spanish speakers out there!


Baptismal Promises Sharing Time Lesson, printable PDF

Baptismal Promises: word strips and scripture references, printable PDF

SPANISH: El Bautismo, las promesas y las escrituras, PDF

The Sacrament (a poem published in the February 2010 Friend magazine, scroll to page 16)



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6 responses to “Baptismal Promises–sharing time lesson and family night idea (English and Spanish visuals included!)

  1. Thank you! What a cute Idea! One to hold to in my file! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    • You are so very welcome Karen, happy to share! I’m glad you liked it–it’s been handy over the years for us! Do you have any ideas you would like to share? We are always looking for guest authors who are willing to share their great ideas here on Primary in Zion!

  2. Amber Smith

    Thanks you just what I was looking for sharing time today

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