Communicating Spirit to Spirit-Sign Language and Music

There was an amazing outpouring of the Spirit when we started singing our first song, I Love to See the Temple.  Sitting in the front row only a couple feet from me was a darling little girl with Down Syndrome.  When I started to sing I Love to See the Temple, I also did some basic American Sign Language signs to accompany the words (see our Music Videos page to learn these signs).  I looked down at this little girl and she was right there with me, eyes glued on me, doing every sign right along with me.  When I looked into her eyes I felt a special connection to her as if our spirits were communicating. When I looked around, almost all of the children were singing and signing as well.  It was beautiful!  I was amazed at how engaged they were and how adept they were with the signs they had never seen before.  I could barely sing the end of the song as tears rolled down my cheeks.  When the song ended I took a moment to testify of the Spirit in that room (and to explain my happy tears).  Primary songs teach beautiful, simple truths.

I will always remember that moment.  The beautiful song.  The smiling children. And the Spirit’s presence there with us uniting us as children of God.



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  1. Marci

    I saw a fun idea today — the music leader wrote on the board only the words for which she was teaching the signs and asked “Who remembers the sign for this word?” The children talked through the signs, then sang the song.

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