Spectacular, Simple CTR Activity – just add refreshments!

Below is everything you need to plan a spectacular, simple CTR Activity — just add refreshments! Download the CTR badges template and the  CTR activity plan as a printable 2-page document, and keep reading!

When I first saw the yearly Primary theme for 2012, my first thought was, “Yes! This is exactly what our kids need.” Growing up in today’s world, our children need a strong sense that there IS a difference between right and wrong, and that they should and CAN choose the right! As our presidency thought and prayed about how to make this theme real in our children’s lives, we kept returning to the idea that our children need to develop a sense, deep down, that “choosing the right” is just a part of who they are. “Of course I choose the right! That’s who I am!”

In thinking about how to help them develop this, I concluded that one of the best ways to do it would be to make them feel like they are part of a group, a greater circle of people who choose the right – just like them. I wanted to help them feel like they are part of a strong group of believers and doers. I felt like one way to do this would be to give them as many opportunities as possible to share experiences and hear others share experiences of times when they have chosen the right.   And what better way to kick this off than with a Primary activity involving shared “choose the right” experiences with teachers, leaders, bishopric members, and fellow Primary children?

Hence, the CTR Activity was born. Here are the details of our activity:

Activity Plan:
1. Children arrive at church gymnasium and receive a CTR badge/necklace that they can color or decorate while waiting for others to show up. They sit at tables in classes, with their teachers (color coded badges by class).
2. When all children have had a chance to arrive, we start the game “Choose a Corner.”
a. One bishopric member sits at each corner (corners are marked 1-4). Kids are instructed to choose a corner: 1, 2, 3, or 4, and RUN to it.
b. Someone counts down in the microphone from 10 down to 1, and the kids should all be at their corner by 1.
c. Each bishopric member has prepared ahead of time a story about a childhood experience when he decided to choose the right. He tells this story in an animated way to the small group of children at his feet.

d. At the end of the story, he gives each child a sticker to put on their badge (on the corresponding number). Now the children know they must choose a different number for their next corner.
e. After about 3-4 minutes, children are instructed to again “Choose a corner” – a corner that they don’t yet have a sticker for – and RUN to it.
f. The process is repeated until all children have heard all four stories and have all four

g. After that, the bishopric part is over and the children are again instructed to choose a corner and run to it before the countdown reaches 1. The person at the microphone has their eyes closed and randomly chooses a number 1-4. Everyone at the chosen corner is OUT of the game and must return to their seats.

h. This process is repeated until only one child remains, at which point that child is declared the winner because he “chose the right” corner!

3. Back at their tables, children listen to yet another “choose the right” story from their Primary teacher, and the children have a chance to talk about a time when they chose the right (they can draw a picture of it on the back of their badge).

4. Meanwhile, the bishopric serves breakfast or snacks. Ours went around with trays of food, offering “Choice” and “Choosing” as much as possible: “Which kind of muffin would you like to choose?” “Would you like to choose a fruit?”

5. The activity is concluded by showing a short video, which is a conglomeration of clips showing children, teachers, and leaders sharing simple experiences of times when they decided to choose the right. Each person in the video ends his/her story with “My name is ______, and I choose the right!”

1. Prepare badges (template included). We backed them with colored paper and matched the same color with the table cloths that the children were to sit at.  CTR badges template
2. Equip tables with crayons and pencils.
3. Have bishopric and teachers prepare short examples of CTR experiences.
4. Prepare food for breakfast or snack: offer choices.
5. Create movie with CTR experiences.
6. Set up movie projector and microphone.
7. Put up signs with numbers 1-4 in each of the four corners of the gymnasium.
8. Give bishopric stickers.

That was all we did for our activity. It was VERY simple, but it was fun and meaningful, and the kids seemed to have a great time! We have continued to share “Choose the Right Moments” every week in Primary, and I really think it has helped all of us to think more about the choices we make throughout the week.


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