Lesson from a Laundry Basket!

Today we are sharing a wonderful lesson idea by our guest author Danielle.  One Sunday I peeked into the Nursery room to check on my daughter and I saw her and all the children happily sitting in laundry baskets! I just had to know what that ingenious lesson idea was.  Danielle shares her lesson plan here for all of you!  ~Michelle

 Printable PDF of this Nursery Lesson

Topic: I Will Say “I’m Sorry”, Lesson 16

Visuals/Props I need to bring (or make):

  • A toy hammer or tool for each child (If you don’t have enough tools for each child, you could use wooden spoons or measuring cups as hammers and plastic knives as saws).
  • A laundry basket for each child (or a cardboard box would work too!)
  • 1 small toy for them to model taking and giving back
  • A monkey puppet for each child. Tape a picture of a monkey to the back of a plastic spoon.

1. Gathering Activity:

Have all your lesson materials together (in a bag or basket) and start playing and singing Ring around the Rosies.

2. Welcome Song:

Here We Are Together (CS 261) substituting the word “Family” for “Nursery”.

3. Ask a child to offer the opening prayer.

4. Lesson:

  • Show picture of Nephi building a ship (pg. 70). “This is Nephi. Heavenly Father told him to build a boat. Today you get to build your own boat.”
  • Give each child a laundry basket turned upside down and toy hammers and other tools to “build” a boat. (If you don’t have enough toy tools you could use measuring cups or wooden spoons as hammers and plastic knives as saws.) Give them a few minutes to hammer (saw, or screw) their boats.
  • Collect the tools and tuck them away out of sight. As you are gathering the tools tell the children, “Nephi’s brothers said ‘your boat won’t float!’ and that made Nephi feel sad.  Nephi’s brothers finally said ‘I’m sorry’ and they all got to ride in the boat with their Mom and Dad.” (Have the children turn the laundry baskets over and sit in their boats.)
  • Sing  Row, Row, Row your Boat
  • Have two children at a time step out of their boats and role model saying sorry. Give one child the small toy and narrate as the second child takes the toy. “Oh no! Now, Sarah feels sad. But Ben gives the toy back and says ‘I’m sorry.’” (loud cheering and applause since this is usually very hard for Ben to do).  Give each child a turn to practice saying “I’m sorry”.
  • Sing Five Little Monkeys. Give each child a monkey puppet and use your hands as the alligator as you sing with actions: “5 little monkeys swinging from a tree, teasing Mr. Alligator, ‘you can’t catch me, no you can’t catch me.’ Along comes Mr. Alligator quiet as can be and snaps that monkey right out of the tree (as you pretend to snap someone’s monkey away).”  Then say, “but then the monkey says ‘I’m sorry’ and the Alligator says ‘I’m sorry too. Let’s be friends!’ (Have the monkey ride the alligator back to the child to swing in the tree again.) Repeat for each child.
  • If the children are still engaged you could also sing I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus (CS 78) or Choose the Right Way (CS 160).

5. Ask a child to offer the closing prayer.


Danielle is the mother of an adorable and feisty 2-year-old and a beautiful newborn and loves to find fun family activities in the city.  She was recently released from her calling as Nursery Leader.

This is a free chapter of the book that was born on this blog: read more here about “Sunday Lessons and Activities for Kids“!


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