The Power of Music: NEW Samuel the Lamanite song (with sheet music)!

Months ago I was leading Singing Time in another ward as part of my duties (read privileges) in the Stake Primary Presidency.  I taught the children a song about Samuel the Lamanite from our family’s repertoire. Two months later I was at a party at my friend’s house.  My son was playing with another little boy that I recognized vaguely from a different ward.  I heard the other little boy say to my son, “I remember you when you visited my Primary class.”  I thought it was sweet that my son was remembered in that way.

Next, the little boy turned and looked up at me and said, “I remember you. You’re the one that taught me the song about Samuel the Lamanite.”  I wish I had a video of my facial expression at that very moment.  No doubt it would have first expressed my shock, followed by utter delight!  I knew just what song he meant because there’s only one song I sing about Samuel the Lamanite and it’s special and memorable.  It’s special because my father-in-law composed the song and you can’t find it in any songbook.  It’s memorable because of the catchy lyrics and tune; and I have often been told that people find themselves singing it throughout the week after we’ve sung it in Primary.

I was so shocked by this little boy’s recollection because he had only heard that song twice, at least 2 months earlier, and he was only 6 years old.  Later that evening at the party I met this boy’s mom and learned that he came home from Primary that day and started singing it to his family. Then he taught his 2 younger siblings.

Verse 1:

Samuel, Samuel, Samuel the Lamanite

stood up on the wall.

They threw their arrows and their rocks, rocks, rocks,

but they could not make him fall.

Verse 2:

Samuel, Samuel, Samuel the Prophet

said the Savior’s on His way.

In five more years there’ll be a brand new star

and a night as bright as day.

Ending (Coda):

Samuel, Samuel, Samuel the Lamanite said REPENT!

The power of music!  I bet that little boy will always remember the scripture story about Samuel the Lamanite climbing the wall to preach repentance and prophesy of Christ’s upcoming birth thanks to a catchy little song!  Music is memorable, and a great gospel teaching tool, helping the children carry these gospel principles around with them each day.

Now that you’ve read all about this wonderful, catchy and memorable song you’re probably wishing you knew it too!  Well, your wish is my command!  I share this song with permission from my father-in-law who composed it and my husband who arranged it!  It’s copyrighted so please only use it for your personal use or in your Primary at church.  Enjoy!


Samuel the Lamanite Piano Accompaniment–Sheet Music



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7 responses to “The Power of Music: NEW Samuel the Lamanite song (with sheet music)!

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  2. Ruth Stark

    Wow! What a great gift! Thank you!

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