“Building a Musical Snowman” — fun music idea

One Sunday I was teaching Singing Time with the Junior Primary children in a different ward in my Stake, one that I hadn’t visited before.  All those little people were full of energy and full of smiles and excitement.

For the activity I decided we would “Build a Snowman.” Since there hasn’t been enough real snow in Boston to build a snowman this winter, I thought we’d build a paper snowman inside with three white construction paper snow balls, having the children take turns adding a paper hat, an orange paper carrot nose, some paper button eyes etc.

The kids were excited!  I had my list of songs ready (and I gave a coordinating list complete with all the page numbers to the pianist).  I asked the children, “Raise your hand quietly if you can think of a Primary song about the temple.”  That one was easy: I Love to See the Temple,  which the children sang with enthusiasm.  I chose one of my “Super Singers” to add to my paper snowman on the chalkboard.

I gave another hint so the children could guess the next song. “Who knows a Book of Mormon prophet who was commanded to build a boat?”  One of the older kids raised a hand, “Nephi?”  YES! We sang Nephi’s Courage.  I watched the children as we sang and then chose another “Super Singer” to help add to my paper snowman.  I gave another hint: “Who can think of a Primary song that talks about a stream of water?”  They had to think for a minute on this one: Give Said the Little Stream.

It was a really fun Singing Time and I think the children enjoyed themselves too!



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  1. Marci

    I saw another couple of fun music ideas:
    1) Pass around an object while you sing. Whoever is left holding the object when the song ends chooses the next song (or way to sing it — whatever you’re choosing at that moment).

    2) Have a child draw or act out clues for the other children to guess the song.

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