“Primary Hit Parade” — fun music idea

Today’s guest author Julia created the following music activity for Senior Primary:

At the start of Sharing Time, before Singing Time, take a couple of minutes and pass out small slips of paper and pencils. Ask each child to list their top three favorite children’s songs or hymns. (Be prepared for creative spelling and new titles for familiar songs! but you’ll probably be able to figure most of them out.)

Then, while the presidency is doing Sharing Time, compile the votes and sing the top winners, as many as you have time for. You may be surprised at the songs the children love the best!

In Junior Primary, you can try a variation: sing a selection of songs and ask for votes: “Love it, Like it, or Not My Favorite.”

You might like to publish the results in the Primary column of your ward newsletter, or in the Sunday program.

You’ll find out which musical gospel messages have most deeply penetrated the minds of the children. Enjoy the fun!


Julia is a former Primary President and current music leader.


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